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Ginnie In Brief
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Ginnie In Brief

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by Ginnie Mae | 8/14/2019

Ginnie In Brief Test​

by Ginnie Mae | 7/22/2019

Private sector institutions, such as banks and other lenders, issue and service the mortgage-backed securities that Ginnie Mae guarantees. Our guarantee ensures that investors who own the securities are paid their principal and interest. If borrowers fail to make payments, Issuers are still required to remit scheduled payments to investors.

 Figure 1

Figure 1





Test 11/1
by Maren Kasper | 11/1/2018

​Test Content 11/1

Ensuring program success with continued growth
by Ginnie Mae | 10/31/2018

Ginnie Mae has officially passed the $2 trillion mark in outstanding mortgage-backed securities, thanks to a strong business model and support from both domestic and global investors. It remains vital that our investors continue to return, so we can secure the global capital that makes homeownership possible for so many Americans. Simultaneously, we must work closely with the Issuers, lenders and servicers in our program to ensure they’re committed to the business. In the video above, Ginnie Mae Executive Vice President Maren Kasper discusses why the success of the program depends on the commitment of all participants, as Ginnie Mae’s portfolio continues to grow.

by Ginnie Mae | 10/5/2018

Millions of low- and moderate-income, rural, urban and veteran homeowners rely on loans made possible by Ginnie Mae’s mortgage-backed securities (MBS). Our robust and reliable process for ensuring the timely payment of principal and interest to security holders has enabled us to never miss a payment since our founding in 1968. And over the past 10 years, that business model has been one reason for the tremendous growth we’ve experienced.

The charts below illustrate how momentous the past decade has been for Ginnie Mae.


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