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The Ginnie Mae Global Market Analysis Report

Below you will find the Ginnie Mae Global Market Analysis Report, prepared for Ginnie Mae by State Street Global Advisors and Urban Institute, Housing Finance Policy Center. This comprehensive report, updated monthly, is designed to keep Ginnie Mae investors and partners abreast of new data and developments affecting the Ginnie Mae market and the US Agency MBS market more broadly. Content includes details related to:

  • Relative attractiveness of US Fixed Income and Ginnie Mae MBS

  • State of the US housing market

  • US Agency market originations

  • Credit Box

  • Ginnie Mae originators

  •  Prepayments

  •  Ginnie Mae programs

  •  Agency MBS market conditions

  •  MBS ownership

Each month Ginnie Mae staff will post an updated Global Market Analysis Report and highlight notable changes to the report and/or data.

Ginnie Mae welcomes your feedback and questions!

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Last Modified: 3/25/2019 6:15 PM