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2019-002: Test with text
Published Date: 3/29/2019 8:30 AM

Ginnie Mae is publishing an updated version of the MBS Single Family Pool Level Disclosure File Layout, V1.0, along with a change document, as an update to the version announced in Disclosure Bulletin 2018-086. This version, “MBS Single Family Pool Level Disclosure_V1.0_Oct2019.pdf”, has primarily the same purpose and file/record layouts, but has clearer instructions and selected record/field corrections. To assist users with identifying the primary changes from the previous layout, Ginnie Mae is providing a change document, named “MBS Single Family Pool Disclosure V1.0_Change Document.pdf”.
This new MBS Single Family Pool Level Disclosure layout will ultimately replace the existing MBS Pool Level Consolidated Disclosures, current Version 2.2 (the “daily.txt” file, “nissues_YYYYMM.txt” file, and “monthly_YYYYMM.txt” files).
Test File(s)
Ginnie Mae will provide test files for the MBS Single Family Pool Level Disclosures at the end of June 2019. The test files will be announced in a separate bulletin and will be made available on the Disclosure New Release Test File Download page.
Production Implementation Date for MBS Single Family Pool Level Disclosure Files and Availability of Existing Legacy Files
Ginnie Mae is announcing the target production implementation date for the MBS Single Family Pool Level Disclosure V1.0 as October 2019:
  • Daily New Issuance, beginning October 1 (with October data)
  • Monthly New Issuance, November 1 (with October data)
  • Monthly Portfolio, October 8 (with September data)
The production implementation will be in addition to the current legacy Consolidated Disclosure File Version 2.2. Ginnie Mae intends to continue the production of the legacy files for a period of at least 3 months, while also producing the MBS Single Family Pool Level Disclosure files. The new files will be added to the Disclosure Data Download Files page. After the “overlap” period, the legacy file production will stop, and only the new files will be produced.
For questions related to this bulletin, please send an email to Inquiries to this email will be addressed within 2 business days.