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Ensuring that investors who own Ginnie Mae mortgage-backed securities will get paid their principal and interest on time is a top priority for us. At Ginnie Mae, we dedicate significant energy and focus to evolving our approach to counterparty risk management in order to safeguard the government guaranty we provide and to protect our investors. <br> <br>In the following video interview, Ginnie Mae EVPs Michael Bright and Maren Kasper discuss: <br> <br>Why risk management matters, <br>Ginnie Mae’s risk management tools such as CorporateWatch and the Issuer Operational Performance Scorecard (IOPP), and <br>The need for all market participants to have “skin in the game” when it comes to better managing counterparty risk for all participants. <br>To further your understanding of how Ginnie Mae is enhancing its counterparty risk management, read Pillar II of the Ginnie Mae 2020 report.
Ginnie Mae President Ted Tozer highlights the critical role Ginnie Mae plays in the industry.​
Ginnie Mae President Theodore Tozer appeared on CNBC’s Squawk Box to discuss how Ginnie Mae is different from the GSEs, and how a Federal interest hike could impact housing.
See who has been talking about Ginnie Mae in Fiscal Year 2015.
More than 700 mortgage originators, housing finance experts, and government officials attended the third annual Ginnie Mae Summit in Arlington, VA.
The economy is performing well and prospects are good. Powering growth is a strengthening housing market, supported a steadily improving mortgage market.
President Theodore Tozer and EVP and COO Mary Kinney kick off the 2015 Ginnie Mae Summit on Sept. 21 at the Hyatt Regency Crystal City
The environment affecting the servicing of residential mortgage loans has changed dramatically in recent years and the implications of this change are significant for the nations housing finance system.
This roundtable of industry experts discusses strategies to establish best practices in pooling, secondary marketing, warehouse lending and servicing oversight
Seven years after the housing crisis, the role of government loan programs remains prominent and 2015 has seen record breaking levels of Ginnie Mae MBS issuance backed by FHA, VA and RHS loans.
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